Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Menopause - HERE I COME!

I am making a big, huge deal about this whole menopause thing. I got my first shot of Lupron today. Again, the side effects will be mild compared to harsher treatments like chemotherapy. It just feels weird. When I take a step back and just focus on the fact that Lupron will decrease my hormone levels and hopefully shrink tumors - I am totally cool. If I think about how it shuts off my ovaries and basically takes me through a pseudo-menopause - I'm totally not cool.

Full disclosure: it did not hurt that much. The needle was the biggest needle I've had stuck in me: Boo. But still, I have to touch the injection site to feel anything. Which is good.

Here is what I have to look forward to (according to the Google): a surge of hormones in the first few weeks, then a steady decrease (hopefully); hot flashes; mood swings; and that's it. There are other side effects, I'm going to focus on not experiencing those (thinning hair, weight changes).

I'm afraid that I'll be a different person without my hormones. I mean, I've had hormones for forever...and obviously don't know an adult life without them.

If I'm snippy in the next few weeks or months, this is why.

I want to share this article before I end this post: Soy Supplements and Breast Cancer
There's a lot of info around about soy and breast cancer - and I truly do not want to be an alarmist. But...this study shows that soy protein isolate makes breast cancer more aggressive and harder to treat. This basically means no soy protein. It also means yes edamame and tofu!


  1. i just came over to check out your blog and just wanted to leave a comment to say hi and i'm going to be thinking of you. keep up your amazing attitude. sending you lots of good vibes and i'll be picturing those tumors shrinking until they disappear.
    gina (aka fitnessista)

    1. Hi Gina! Thanks so much for reading! I feel like I'm having a celebrity interaction. :)
      I appreciate your positive vibes!