Monday, October 14, 2013

Second Opinions

More than one person has asked if C and I are going to get a second opinion. I didn't really see the point - clearly, I have cancer. But after going over treatment options, order of treatment, aggressiveness of treatment, etc....I felt like we should.

Someone said that we need to go to a teaching hospital - they do the research and they do the cutting edge treatment. That made sense to me. When we talked to a volunteer at Mission's Women's Wellness Center, she told us that City of Hope didn't just accept any patient, you had to be a "special case". I didn't think we were a special case, but they said they would take me as a patient. Even better - they finagled me an appointment for this Wednesday!

I have a PET scan tomorrow morning, because I'm paranoid and need assurance that this cancer is nowhere else in my body. The doctor said it probably hasn't, but it's worth the inconvenience to be certain. I don't think we'll have the PET scan results by the time we go to City of Hope. I have to scramble tomorrow to get all my medical records to take over to City of Hope. All these weird things that I didn't know went on in the medical world...we are slowly learning.

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