Monday, November 3, 2014

I don't think this is my calling...

Man, another outrageous gap between posts. I don't think this is my forte.

So, what's happened between now and July? It's still 2014, right? Well, I've been working full time, life has been great, and cancer has been sucking. Nothing new. Except there is something new. So here's what happened: I had another PET scan in August (OMG, so many months ago) and it did not show 100% improvement. The breast tumor continues to grow, although the tumor in my spine is getting smaller. So...we were at a standstill. The OC oncologist said surgery. I made an appointment with City of Hope (COH). The oncologist at COH decided to take my case to tumor board which I think is super rad. In the end, they also recommended surgery. Both oncologists that I've been working with recommend surgery. So surgery it is!

And here's where we had a teeny tiny problem. My breast surgeon at City of Hope asked me to come in to get a biopsy done. I went in and thought I was getting my left breast re-biopsied. I totally told everyone all about it. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at COH and found that I was getting a biopsy of my right boob. Because something shadowy showed up in the PET. So here are my issues:

1) WHY was this not on the original report - I'm kinda bummed about the radiologist's reading at Mission Hospital.

That's it. That's my only issue with this.

Anyhow, I full scale bawled at COH, in the Women's Center and they kindly brought in my fav doctor (who I asked for mid-blubber) to explain WTF was going on. I'm very, very, very grateful to the tumor board at COH for looking at my slides and pictures and catching that little spot. So I had the biopsy...and...
...just kidding. It's more cancer.

So now it's in both my boobs, ugh, disgusting behavior on both their parts - I'm very disappointed.
But it is all good, because I have a plan: we are doing a bilateral (double) mastectomy on November 10. That's right! One week from today.

This is the first time I'm ever having surgery, so I have no idea what to expect. Luckily, I've got a crapload of good, kind people who want to support me in ways I didn't even think of. A group of people set up a meal train for us, we have friends offering to stay with us to do the yucky post-surgery stuff (drains...ew)...and this past Sunday, an amazing friend got together a bunch of girlfriends to give me a surgery shower!
I had a blast and got to see lots of friends that I love all at once, which is such a fantastic experience. Aren't we cute?

When I think of all the kindness that everyone has shown me (strangers, family, and friends alike), it is so overwhelming. It really is. First, I sing this song in my head:
Then, I wonder what I've done to deserve it. You all are too kewl.

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