Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's Thanksgiving, and I have a lot to be thankful for. It isn't perfect, but I have a good life. I am often in situations where I just don't understand how I got so lucky. I'm a people person, and good people, people I love, literally give me life. They give me energy, they bring me excitement, and right now, they make me feel loved.

I'm not the most selfless person - I frequently get overwhelmed with life and thoughts (even pre-diagnosis) and as a result, I'm not the most thoughtful person either. I get distracted.

A byproduct of a cancer diagnosis is suddenly having to deal with all the communication surrounding the patient (me). People say that when times get tough, you see who your real friends are - but I'm not experiencing that type of distinction. Right now, my times are tough - really tough, and instead, I'm getting to see how amazing my friends, colleagues, and family are. People are stepping up to the plate.

Not to brag - but my peeps have been out of control supportive. I always considered relationships real - no confusion there. This experience has given me an real opportunity to reflect and appreciate how great the people in my life are. Cards, flowers, gifts, emails, texts, offers to help (which I take seriously - I will call you, don't act all surprised)...none expected - and none have gone without appreciation. 

You all make the world (and my life) a better place.

Thank you all.

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